Company background

MADODONGA CONSULTING (Pty) Ltd is a 100% black owned ICT services company established in 2016. We at MADODONGA CONSULTING (Pty) Ltd believe that our area of expertise will provide pure services and supports to those who can't do IT for themselves.

We're Johannesburg North based business which striving to serve clients to the supports and solutions they need. What is differentiating MADODONGA CONSULTING (Pty) Ltd from our competitors is the unrelenting focus on providing outstanding services, while simultaneously delivering superior results to clients.

MADODONGA CONSULTING (Pty) Ltd possess unique skills to provide specialized business solutions specialising in various fields and also, it has a long-term desire to be in business full time. MADODONGA CONSULTING (Pty) Ltd is passionately committed to service delivery as required by its clients.

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